03-16 OPTION 3 Proposed Design Revisions for Grade 1 TE


DailyWarm-Up STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES • Answer questions using multi‑word responses. • Share information and ideas about a topic under discussion. • Identify real-life connections between words and their use. • Use text features and graphics to gain information from texts.

MATERIALS Teaching Pal pp. 6–11 Student Edition pp. 6–11

Engage Learners

Access Prior Knowledge Have children turn to Student Edition pages 6–7. Read aloud the title Now You See It, Now You Don’t . Ask children to predict what they might read about in texts with this topic. • What time of day is it? What evidence in the photo helps you know? • Where is the light coming from? Have children explain what they know about light and dark. Ask them what they can see in the sky when it is light outside and when it is dark outside. Then guide children to brainstorm word associations for light and dark by having them contribute related words to a web. TEKS 1.4C

Activate Schema In your Teaching Pal , pages 6–11, use the prompts to introduce the module topic as children follow along in their Student Edition. • Academic Discussion: Use the TURN AND TALK ROUTINE to have children respond to the prompts, and discuss the quotation. (pp. 6 – 7) • Big IdeaWords: Use the VOCABULARY ROUTINE to introduce the Big Idea Words: bright, observe, appear . (p. 8) • Essential Question: Introduce the Essential Question, and use the ACTIVE VIEWING ROUTINE with the video Sources of Light. (p. 9) • Start with a Short Read: Use the blue notes to guide the discussion of Super Shadows! (pp. 10 –11)







Review the terms day and night with children. Provide the following sentence frames to help children participate in the discussion. I can see the during the day. (sun) It disappears at . (night)  BEGINNING

TEXAS ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS 1.4C  Udam eosse volesequae. Itatur, nosapel ecabori buscipictur adit, quas aut ipiet volla vel ipsandu ciisciet quo tessim imil modiciet accaepere abor asim suntur, tenietu reprerrum nesequi vel eratus maiorec aborepro ex est fugitio nsequid qui aut deligen ducide et mod ea voluptatur? Nequi;


Module 5 • Lesson 1

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