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Save With a Cash-Out Refinance

I usually keep business stuff out of this part of the newsletter, but I’m making an exception today. Why? Well, for the last few months, more and more people have been talking to me about their credit card debt. According to Experian, the average person in Florida carries $6,460 in credit card debt. That’s a hole of over $12,000 for a two-person household! When you add on car loans ($19,000 on average), student loans ($38,000), and mortgage loans ($208,000) you come up with a heck of a lot of debt. You might think that as a mortgage lender, there’s nothing I can do about credit cards, but that’s not true. Just a few months ago, my team and I helped a family wipe out their credit card debt and save $2,262 per month! How did they do it? They used the equity in their home. You read that right. As you know, our housing market has been going up like crazy here in Southwest Florida lately, so most people have a lot of equity in their homes. If you don’t want to move, that equity is just sitting there, and it creates an awesome opportunity to pay off your credit card debt. The process is called a debt consolidation cash-out refinance, and it’s easier than you think! Saving $2,262 per month might sound crazy, but it’s a true story. This particular client of ours came in with a 30-year mortgage loan and a huge pile of debt spread across eight different credit cards. The credit cards ranged from $2,994 to $17,674, plus they still had an installment loan of $7,559 to pay off. They were shelling out $4,485 every month to deal with all of those bills.

After doing the cash-out refinance, we reduced their payments to just $2,223 per month! We also switched them to a 15-year mortgage loan, saving them $59,000. Saving that money each month is totally life-changing! I’m bringing this opportunity up now for that two reasons. One, it’s almost Thanksgiving, and a lot of people I know (maybe including you) are still paying off last year’s holiday expenses. We can fix that. Two, we are now in a rising rate environment, and this opportunity may not last very long, so we encourage people to call us and see if this is right for them while rates are this good. Of course, this kind of refinance isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have credit card debt keeping you up at night, then it’s not really for you. But if you do have bills left to pay, then you owe it to yourself to at least explore this opportunity. Not everyone will save a whopping $2,000+ with this method, but we have closed plenty of loans for people saving $1,000, $800, or $700, which is life-changing as well. If you call me and my team, we’ll figure out whether a cash-out refinance is a smart move for you, what you should pay off first, and how you can stay out of debt in the future. (Remember, your house isn’t an ATM — we can’t pull this magic off every year!) Our team has been doing this for a lot of people lately. They’ve been loving the results, and it’s not too late to join the club and save yourself some stress.

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Stargazing Less rain means fewer clouds, which means clearer nights. Combine that with fewer

Camping is most often associated with summer, but the humid, hot weather combined with the numerous bugs can create a frustrating experience. Most don’t realize that fall — specifically November — is the perfect time to take the family for an outdoor adventure. Here are some of the best reasons to pitch your tent in November.

leaves on the trees, and you have an unobscured view of the sky that's better than any other month in the year. November is also one of the few months when you can see meteor showers. If you’ve ever been entranced by the night sky, November provides the perfect opportunity to stargaze. Bird-Watching At this point in the season, many birds have already begun to migrate south. Some birds have stopover locations they stay at for a few days,


Scenery and Weather Camping in spring usually brings the risk of rain, while

Stargazing, Bird-Watching, and More

summer temperatures can make it unbearable. Fall weather, however, provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy camping to its fullest. It’s usually dry, and most states do not hit colder temperatures until the end of November.

so you might see birds unique to the area due to their migration. States in the north might see their local birds flying against beautiful backdrops as they make their journey to warmer areas. Regardless of your camping expertise, November is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. If you’re looking for a new family adventure or just want some personal quiet time to reflect, look no further than fall camping.

The leaves also change color in preparation for winter, which creates some truly awe-inspiring scenery — and a natural playground for children. Just watch for hidden dangers lurking beneath the fallen leaves that could injure your child. You shouldn’t have to worry about bugs, though; November has significantly fewer bugs than the summer or spring months.

Should You Work Out on Thanksgiving Day? The Truth About Sweating for Your Turkey

Okay, fess up — which of your friends insists on getting a 5-mile run in before the turkey is carved? We all know someone who works out every year on Thanksgiving. The thought is that if you burn calories in the morning, the big meal won’t hit you so hard. But is that really true? And if it is, when and how should you get sweaty? To Sweat, or Not to Sweat The verdict is in: Working out on Thanksgiving morning is good for you. Surprise! However, according to Mic magazine, it’s less about balancing your calories in and calories out (which is almost impossible for a Thanksgiving feast) and more about priming your body to anticipate the meal to come. "Your body will be calling for those calories — you'll need them," gym trainer Daniel Stransky told Mic.

Meanwhile, writer Shannon Clark advises working out before, on, and after Thanksgiving. On the day before, go for a long run or walk. Then on Turkey Day, try weight training using high reps and short rest periods to “deplete the muscle glycogen” so that you can eat more Thanksgiving carbs without gaining fat. The next day, Clark recommends interval cardio training to boost your metabolism. The Obvious Truth There’s one thing all of this Thanksgiving workout talk overlooks: The most important thing isn’t whether you work out on Turkey Day — it’s whether you stick to a workout routine year-round.

A recent pilot study from the University of Michigan helped prove this. The participants were asked to eat 30% more calories than

When and How to Hit the Gym Stransky recommends hitting the gym both on Thanksgiving Day and the day after. On Turkey Day, he suggests “a high-intensity interval training cardio circuit comprised of burpees, squats with overhead dumbbell presses, jump squats, sprints, and rowing on the rowing machine.”

normal for a week but continue exercising regularly. As long as they did, their new diets didn’t cause inflammation or changes in their glucose control or insulin sensitivity. If you don’t already have a workout routine in place, consider this to be a sign! Work with your physical therapist to determine a safe, effective exercise program for you.

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Thanks for the introduction, Tim! I’ve had a lot of fun working on the Tim Hart YouTube channel and the “Hartbeat Show” and “Hartbeat for Realtors” podcasts over the last few years. The creativity is my favorite part — it’s pretty cool to visualize a project and then see it all the way through to publication! If you’ve ever wondered what the behind-the-scenes process of our podcasts and YouTube videos is, it’s pretty simple. Tim is the one who comes up with the creative ideas we focus on. Then, we schedule a time to film the video in our office. When we’re done, I edit the footage, turn the audio from the video in a podcast episode, and create the graphics for the YouTube thumbnail and other marketing in photoshop. Once I’m done with that, we share what we made on our social media! I’m not an expert; like Tim said, I’m 99% self-taught. I took a few Photoshop classes in high school, but I’ve learned the rest through a lot of research online (thanks, YouTube tutorials!). So far, I’ve mostly used simple programs for audio and video editing, but I have my eye on some more elaborate ones to learn eventually. I’ve been working on this side of things (as well as answering phones and doing other administrative-type duties like billing) for about four years now, so there is still plenty to learn! Looking back, I think what I’m most proud of is how our content has evolved over those four years. Our content continues to get more polished and professional, and I’m more comfortable with

the process, too. Back in the day Tim and I tried to make sure everything was perfect and scripted, but now, we just get in the studio and roll with it, and it’s actually better than ever! Honestly, Tim makes doing our office’s marketing pretty easy. He’s an awesome leader, and he’s so creative that I never have to worry about running out of ideas. I feel really lucky to have landed here after my last job doing data entry at a real estate office. I enjoy my work and my time at home now. (At home, you can find me with my husband, Mark, usually on the couch watching a dorky game show or an episode of “Paranormal Lockdown” with our two adopted pit bull mixes, Boots and Meatball. Meatball is a big ball of energy, and Boots is our little princess. We don’t have kids yet, so they’re spoiled rotten!) I hope that you’ve enjoyed watching our YouTube videos and listening to our podcasts as much as I’ve liked making them! You can find links to both at, and if there’s ever a topic you’d like to see us cover, just call or email ANewcomb@ with your idea.

Thanks for reading!

–Ashleigh Newcomb

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TRIVIA QUESTION: What kind of refinance lets you use the equity in your home to pay off debts?

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Ashleigh Revolutionized Our Marketing

Ashleigh is the kind of smart, ambitious employee who most companies just dream about. She started at VanDyk Mortgage five years ago as a receptionist, but she has had an amazing amount of personal growth since then. She doesn’t just answer our phones anymore! When Ashleigh saw that we needed some marketing help, she could have told me to hire a marketing assistant, but she didn’t. Instead, she turned herself into a marketing expert. She learned how to film and edit YouTube videos, use Photoshop, edit podcast audio, and more.

These days, she produces pretty much all of our marketing and is the secret sauce behind our YouTube channel and podcasts. The quality of her work is pretty amazing especially since she’s self-taught. I’m really proud of her.

Before I get too sappy though, here’s Ashleigh to tell you more of the story!

I mentioned a few months ago that I would start giving my team some space in the newsletter, and I’m finally making good on that promise! They’re pretty cool people with great stories to share. First up, I want to introduce you to Ashleigh Newcomb, our marketing and administration specialist.

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