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Although this Guide focuses on the HR and Culture practices at WE that promote a safe and comfortable workplace environment for all team members, given the nature of what we do—WE is a youth-empowerment organization—it’s also important to highlight our Child and Youth Protection Policy. It has been drafted with the assistance of the renowned organization Plan to Protect®, which is recognized as having the highest standard of abuse prevention and vulnerable sector protection. Our policy ensures that WE is honoring its responsibilities as an organization entrusted with the safety and well-being of children and youth involved in its programming. We are proud to hold ourselves to the highest standard of child protection and to work toward becoming the safest organization for youth to engage with. The WE Charity Child and Youth Protection Committee consults with independent third party experts to support further policy development and to develop recommendations in the event of an incident. How is WE implementing its Child and Youth Protection Policy? All frontline representatives of WE—including staff, executives and key volunteers—were required to take a mandatory training course on the Child and Youth Protection Policy when it was implemented in 2017. All incoming newWE team members are required to read and sign our Code of Conduct, and to complete the mandatory Child and Youth Protection Training Course during their first week with WE. This training covers the proper policies and procedures necessary to ensure the safety of children and youth enrolled in WE programming. Subjects include, but are not limited to: • how to identify signs of abuse; • how to mitigate risk at WE Day, Take Action Camp and on Trips; • when and to whom one should report a safety issue; • what constitutes appropriate conduct when engaging with youth enrolled in WE programming. To ensure ongoing awareness of the policy, all WE representatives must re- certify annually by re-completing the mandatory training. Staff who will be in contact with child and youth program participants undergo a rigorous screening process prior to employment, including reference checks, police background and vulnerable sector checks, and signing WE’s Code of Conduct. The WE Child and Youth Protection Committee meets quarterly to review the policy and training, and ensure implementation. The Child and Youth Protection Policy is reviewed every two years by the WE Charity Board of Directors. Child and youth protection

Third-Party Commendation “WE.org deeply cares about the vulnerable sector that they serve and at Plan to Protect® we have observed that they want to do everything they can to protect the children and young people in their events, trips and programs! “Partnering with Plan to Protect® is one way that WE.org demonstrates their commitment to protection, show care to their volunteers and staff, prevent abuse, and demonstrate accountability, transparency, and integrity. We have partnered with WE.org to establish policies, training and screening protocols. WE.org is making great strides to achieve the HIGHEST STANDARD of abuse prevention and protection.”

~ Melodie Bissell, President, Plan to Protect®

WE is a certified member of Plan to Protect®, which provides the highest standard of abuse prevention and protection to organizations serving the vulnerable sector globally.

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