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WHAT I ALWAYS MAKE TIME FOR Celebrating My Best Friends

Do you have a group of friends who know you better than anyone else? Every time you see them again, no matter how much time has passed, you pick up right where you left off. They’re always honest with you, and no matter what you ask, they don’t just tell you what you want to hear — they tell you the truth. Through births, deaths, weddings, and funerals, they are there for you. Those are good friends — best friends. I was lucky to find a group of friends like this in college. In undergrad, at Georgia Southern, we were all part of Alpha Delta Pi and lived in the sorority house together. College is the first time you make your own choices without Mom and Dad around. In many ways, we grew up together. We bonded over being away from home for the first time and sharing new, fun experiences, like going to sorority socials. My friend Hannah was the social chair, so she was in charge of planning and organizing, and I enjoyed helping her. We all got dressed up together, usually according to a theme. There was a luau every year, and a social with the theme “Destination Unknown.” It was a bit of a mystery theme — you didn’t know where you were going until the bus arrived at the destination. One year, we got off the bus to arrive at our social destination — a yacht! Since graduating, even though we don’t see each other as often, we’ve stayed just as close. We’ll often give each other a call just to say hi, and once a year, we take a trip together. We also play

matchmaker sometimes. Hannah actually introduced me to my husband, Jep; he’s her husband’s fraternity brother!

Early on, when it was just us girls, we’d take week-long trips to the beach or another fun spot once a year. We’d pick a location, sleep on air mattresses, and just hang out and enjoy our time together. Now there are too many of us to do that. Some of us are married, some have children, and it’s no longer just us girls (we wouldn’t have it any other way). It doesn’t work out to take a week-long trip anymore, but it doesn’t mean we don’t get together — it just means our trips have changed a bit. As I am writing this, my friends and I are getting ready for an “adults only” weekend in Atlanta to see Jason Aldean. Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much where we go as long as we’re all together. I can’t wait to get together with Amanda, Rachel, Hannah, and Sydney — my people. I like Jason Aldean, but I’m not as excited to see him as I am over seeing my best friends. Since our sorority days, life has brought new adventures. But no matter what new adventures it brings, we make time for each other. The memories I’ve made with these girls are probably some of the best of my life, and we’re still making them. It’s not about what we do, or where we are — it’s just about spending time together.


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