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april 2020

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It’s a Stressful World

Everyone experiences stress — we see this every day when our clients come to us in stressful situations and turn to us to ease that stress. We might be a little biased in saying this, but in the many years of running our firm, we’ve found that hiring an attorney after a traumatic experience, like a car accident, is a good way to lower stress. It takes so much of the burden off your shoulders. April is Stress Awareness Month. We bring it up because stress is so prevalent these days; it seems like everybody deals with it to some extent. But beyond that, it’s no secret that stress is detrimental to your health. Stress often leads to high blood pressure, anxiety, an increased risk of hypertension, and ultimately, a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Stress also releases other chemicals into the bloodstream, which can trigger the fight-or-flight response. But when you’re in a position where you can’t really do either, this can lead to anxious feelings. When we are unable to focus on getting our stress or anxiety under control, this is when the harmful effects start to surface.

Breathing exercises are an easy way to meditate. When you’re focused on each breath, you are better able to clear your mind of intrusive, stressful thoughts. Plus, breathing exercises help bring more oxygen into the blood, which can be very beneficial for your health. If you haven’t tried meditation, it’s worth it. Another great way to reduce stress is through exercise. Research shows that 20–30 minutes of physical activity every day can have a huge impact on stress, even if it’s something simple like a 20-minute walk. For many people who have recently been in a car accident, getting physical activity can be a challenge, but this is where it can be beneficial to work with a physical therapist to really home in on exercises you can more easily do. Finally, many people are able to reduce their stress by simply using a distraction to focus their minds. Some people turn to video games, while others turn to building puzzles or LEGOs. There has actually been some research that LEGOs are effective as therapy tools for people with anxiety. Earlier this year, The LEGO Group revealed that it was coming out with adult-targeted products specifically designed for stress reduction. It might be something to investigate! As we wrap up another busy month, we do want to mention two upcoming events we’re sponsoring in May. First up, we have the CASA Superhero 5K Corpus Christi (May 2). Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is an organization dedicated to being there for kids who have been abused or neglected. The CASA Superhero 5K helps raise money and awareness for the organization. Later in the month, on May 16, we have the annual Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. It’s one of the largest relay races in the country and attracts people from all around the world. You can register for the race at BeachToBayRelay.com. You can also register for the CASA Superhero 5K at V-F-Productions.RaceEntry.com or search for the CASA Superhero 5K Corpus Christi online.

Common signs of stress and anxiety include:

• Elevated heart rate • High blood pressure • Chest pain • Rapid breathing • Restlessness

• Sleeplessness • Headache • Digestive issues • Muscle tension

Stress can affect just about every part of the body, including the mind, but it can affect everyone differently. Some people may experience nearly all of these symptoms of stress, while others may only experience a few. Regardless, it should be dealt with so that it doesn’t impact your overall health and lead to other complications. What can you do? One of the best ways to manage any kind of stress is meditation. There are many different types of meditation, but a popular way to meditate is through the use of smartphone apps. Good meditation apps include Calm, Headspace, 10% Happier, Insight Timer, and Buddhify.

We hope to see you out there, and happy Easter!

-Greg Herrman




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