Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

INTRODUCING THE “QUICK BLOCK” • Trialed with positive results in spring 2019 and 2020 both internally and with customers. • This is an innovative new product line by MYP that allows growers to turn combos even faster! • Featuring Syngenta genetics, we have made our triple stuck liners BIGGER and much more impressive. QUICK BLOCK SPECS • Each Quick Block contains a Kwik Kombo ™ Mix and is built from three 25 mm liners that are each 4-5 weeks old. • This program is built on Kwik Kombos ™ , but Blueberry Scramble is a new mix that combines top selling Syngenta genetics with a foliage accent plant giving this mix something different than all the others. • Quick Blocks are made up of compressed coco fiber. When watered they absorb and increase in size. They come in a very attractive clear plastic tray. Each Block contains a variety label to be used when putting in your finished container. • Plugs are planted into the Quick Block and grown for an additional 4 weeks where they get one more pinch and a B9/Florel spray application. Each of these steps are done to make sure the liners are ready to branch out, and quickly fill your finished containers after transplant. FINISH TIMES • 10” container – 1 Quick Block per pot for 4 weeks. • 12” container – 1 Quick Block for 5 weeks or 2 Quick Blocks for 4 weeks. • 14” container – 2 Quick Blocks for 4-5 weeks. • Don’t forget! Quick Blocks are ready to sell, and make an attractive package at retail for your customers who want to take them home and create their own combo pots. ORDERING AND SHIPPING INFORMATION • Minimum order is 6 blocks per variety as 6 blocks make up 1 shipping unit. • Our half box holds 2 units of 6 blocks.

Blueberry Scramble Petunia Dekko Banana Petunia Shortcake Blueberry Alternanthera Little Ruby

Wine Down TM Mix

FEATURED AND AVAILABLE MIXES Beach Bum™ Mix Blueberry Scramble Mix Cabrio™ Ride Along™ Mix Chloe’s™ Mix Spring Showers™ Mix Walk of Stars™ Mix Wine Down™ Mix 109

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