Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Acalypha 51 Also called Red Cattail

Angelonia Alonia TM 51 Fast growing and heat tolerant Great branching habit with tons of large blooms Excellent garden perfomance Full sun ➜

Compact growth with bright red flowers Ideal for combination planters and baskets




Chenille Red trailing, 12–24”

Big Bicolor Pink upright, 14–18”

Ageratum Aguilera TM 51 Compact, mounding habit with dark green foliage Ideal for containers


Big Blue upright, 14–18”

Big Bicolor Purple upright, 14–18”

Violet mounding, 12–18”

Alternanthera 51 Grown for the colorful foliage Makes a great companion plant in combinations Ideal for baskets and containers


Big Indigo upright, 14–18”

Big Snow upright, 14–18”

Brazilian Red Hots upright, 12–18”

Burgundy Threadleaf mounding, 8–12”

Little Ruby trailing, 6–8”

True Yellow mounding, 6–12”

Dark Lavender upright, 14–18”

Pink Flirt upright, 14–18” 11

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