Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Ajuga Feathered Friends TM Mega50 Exciting foliage colors in this series from breeder Chris Hansen First yellow foliage ajuga with blue flowers Excellent foliage color on a hardy-to-zone-4 perennial ground cover Available weeks 2 - 19

Chris Hansen

Cordial Canary PPAF semi-trailing, 4”

Tropical Toucan PPAF semi-trailing, 4”

Coreopsis Solanna TM 51 Profuse continuous flowering Brilliant yellow color Compact and mounded habit Ideal for garden, patios and mixed containers Hardy to zone 5


Fancy Finch PPAF semi-trailing, 4”

Bright Touch upright, 14–18”

Combo Tray semi-trailing, 4”

Glow upright, 14–18”

Golden Sphere mounding, 14–18”

Cordial Canary PPAF , Noble Nightingale PPAF , Fancy Finch PPAF , Fierce Falcon PPAF , Tropical Toucan PPAF 135

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