Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Leucanthemum Lucille TM 51 First year flowering with no vernalization Profuse bloomer with large single white flowers from early spring through fall Hardy to zone 5

Scabiosa Butterfly 51 Commonly called pincushion flower Compact clump forming perennial Blooms all summer Hardy to zone 3



Grace upright, 18–24”

Salvia nemorosa 51 First Year Flowering with no bulking or vernalization requirements Early blooming but will also stay in flower and have color all summer long Hardy to zone 5

Butterfly Blue upright, 12–16”


Sedum SunSparkler ® Mega50 Very popular Drought resistant Excellent shiny colors Hardy to zone 4


Available beginning week 2

Chris Hansen

Dark Matter upright, 12–18”

Salvia Sallyrosa TM 51

Angelina’s Teacup PPAF upright, 2–6”


First year flowering with no bulking or vernalization requirements Early and uniform bloomer means row run crops Attractive foliage Winter hardy to zone 5 Well-branched, strong and radial body

Veronica Ronica TM 51



First year flowering without bulking or vernalization requirements Compact and highly uniform plants Excellent flower canopy without vernalization Good resistance to foliar diseases Hardy to zone 5


April Night upright, 14–16”

Jumbo Pink upright, 14–16”

Blue upright, 10–16”

Fuchsia upright, 10–16” 139

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