Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Dahlia Starsister ® 51 Large uniform flowers with beautiful distinct colors Ideal for mixed combinations and in beds

Dahlia Venti TM 51 More vigorous and larger flowered than the Dalaya series with a broad range of exciting bicolors Provides a more controlled habit than the competition Selecta

Dümmen Orange

Crimson Picotee upright, 8–12”

Red/White upright, 10–16”

Pink + White Eye upright, 14–16”


Red + White Eye upright, 14–16”

Tequila Sunrise upright, 14–16”

Scarlet/Yellow upright, 10–16”

Dahlia XXL 51 Dahlias with flowers (up to 5”) in a wide range of colors Vigorous plant habit for use in large containers

Dahlia Temptation 51 Unique and special flower color Dark, glossy foliage provides contrast Heat tolerant with continuous flowering above foliage Large, bold flowers are irresistable at retail

Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange

Cancún upright, 16–22”

Orange upright, 12–24”

Durango upright, 16–22”

Purple upright, 12–24”

Red Violet upright, 12–24”

Tabasco upright, 16–22”

Veracruz upright, 16–22” 37

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