Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog


WORKING WITH MYP - A CUSTOMER’S GUIDE At Mast Young Plants when the new season’s program has been successfully built and loaded onto the broker’s systems, MYP Customer Service is able to start booking orders. This booking cycle begins at the end of July for shipping weeks 40-20. Below are some advantages of booking as early as possible. • The availability is good and you are more likely to get confirmed what you are looking for on those early orders. • We have an early order discount (EOD) which lowers your cost on your plants. This discount applies to all orders booked by October 31, 2021. • Getting your order in early helps to ensure that your order will not be cut if a shortage arises during production. Sometimes there are issues with cuttings coming in that affect our ability to fill orders. Generally these cuts are made to the orders most recently booked. Often people worry about placing an early order because they don’t know exactly what they want, or they need to decide on a few new items before booking. It may be advantageous to just put your initial order in early for the majority of what is required. This way the bulk of the order is confirmed early, and if there are changes made before production is started, we should be able to fulfill these requests. Each year we get orders, for example, coming in the middle of February for shipping in March and people don’t understand why we can’t fill them completely. They ask us if we’ve had a crop failure. The simple answer is no, trays are grown to order. We do not prebook everything and then let people book off the availability. We book the orders with the cutting suppliers only as the orders from brokers and customers come into us. We do have some speculation and over start which we can book these last-minute orders from, but often there isn’t enough there to cover a full order.

We get our catalog out to you, our customers, by July so you have time to plan your season and order as early as possible. It is our goal at MYP to fulfill a high percentage of the orders entrusted to us. You can help us by booking as early as possible. This ensures a successful season for both of us. 3

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