Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Impatiens Double Silhouette ® 51

Impatiens SunPatiens ® Vigorous 51 Bold foliage that makes a big impression Excellent garden vigor Thrives in full sun and part-shade Continuous color from Spring through hard frost Can be grown under a wide temperature range

Strong sturdy plants with very large flowers Early flowering and uniform growth habit Perfect choice for shaded porches or other locations with afternoon shade Ideal for baskets, landscape beds, and mixed containers Syngenta

G/L-green leaf


V/L-variegated leaf


Salmon V/L mounding, 24–36”

Sweetheart White G/L mounding, 18–24”

Purple mounding, 8–12”

Appleblossom mounding, 8–12”

Tropical Orange V/L Imp mounding, 20–30”

White V/L mounding, 24–36”


Impatiens Interspecific Bounce TM 51 Moderate water needs, but more resilient than other varieties from

occasional missed waterings Resistent to Downy mildew Beautiful and vivid color for shade Also performs well in sun

Red mounding, 8–12”

Red Star mounding, 8–12”


Rose mounding, 8–12”

Cherry mounding, 14–20”

Pink Flame mounding, 14–20”

White mounding, 14–20”

Salmon mounding, 8–12”

White mounding, 8–12”


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