Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Impatiens New Guinea Super Sonic ® 51 Very vigorous plants ideal for landscaping and large containers Huge flower size (up to 3 inches across) Always highly rated in university and grower trials

Impatiens New Guinea SunStanding 51 Sun tolerant New Guinea Impatiens

Apollo varieties are well matched in vigor Helios variety is slightly more compact

Dümmen Orange


Magenta mounding, 14–16”

Lilac mounding, 14–16”

Apollo Lilac upright, 16–24”

Orange Ice mounding, 14–16”

Pink mounding, 14–16”

Apollo Ruby Red upright, 16–24”


Red mounding, 14–16”

Apollo Pink upright, 16–24”

Apollo White Cloud mounding, 16–24”

Sweet Cherry mounding, 14–16”

Flame Orange upright, 16–24”

Helios Magenta Borealis upright, 16–24”

White mounding, 14–16” 63

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