Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Petunia Sanguna ® Patio 51 Bred for tight spacing Abundant flowering Great choice for season-long color in the landscape Great performance for late season production

Petunia Shortcake TM 51 Shortcake turns the table and brings novelty color in a package that also excels in the garden A versatile habit that works well in small pots and combos, but will still size up for an impressive display in the garden Combining a grower-friendly habit with a unique, stable flower pattern, Shortcake is sure to be a hit at retail Syngenta


Purple upright, 10–12”

Blue upright, 10–12”

Blueberry spreading, 8–12”

Purple Vein upright, 10–12”

Radiant Dark Blue upright, 10–12”

Petunia Splash Dance TM Premium 51 Unique speckled pattern in flowers

Holds this pattern in high temperatures Blooms early enough for any market


Radiant Rose upright, 10–12”

Red upright, 10–12”

Petunia Scoop TM 51 Naturally compact well suited for high density production Minimal PGR needed Early bright colored blooms

Bolero Blue semi-trailing, 12–14”

Magenta Mambo Imp semi-trailing, 12–14”




French Vanilla semi-trailing, 8–10”

Poppin’ Pink semi-trailing, 12–14”

Cherry Gelato semi-trailing, 8–10”

Lemon Ice semi-trailing, 8–10”

Purple Polka semi-trailing, 12–14”


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