Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Petunia Surprise­ 51 The Surprise series offers a nice array of color with early flowering Spreading habit Medium vigor

Petunia Sweetunia ®­ 51 Unique flowers with medium, upright growth Sturdy plants with loads of color

Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange


Blue Sky spreading, 8–12”

Blue Star spreading, 8–12”

Black Satin - Premium upright, 8–12”

Coral Flash upright, 8–12”

Grape spreading, 8–12”

Hot Pink spreading, 8–12”

Fiona Flash - Premium upright, 8–12”

Hot Rod Red upright, 8–12”

Johnny Flame - Premium upright, 8–12”

Lavender Shimmer upright, 8–12”

Kardinal spreading, 8–12”

Love Pink! spreading, 8–12”



Yellowstone spreading, 8–12”

Miss Marvelous - Premium upright, 8–12”

Suzie Storm - Premium upright, 8–12”

Raspberry Jam spreading, 8–12”

Petunia Surprise Sparkle 51 Brings the customers’ favorite speckled pattern to new colors, that hold this unique pattern Suitable for containers and hanging baskets Dümmen Orange


Purple spreading, 8–12”

Red spreading, 8–12”

Blue spreading, 8–12”


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