Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Portulaca Pazzaz TM Nano 51

Pinched Large flowers, thick stems, and big leaves on a more compact and mounded growth habit than Pazzaz TM Great for quarts and hanging baskets Danziger

Fuchsia semi-trailing, 6–10”

Hot Pink semi-trailing, 6–10”

Orange semi-trailing, 6–10”

Yellow semi-trailing, 6–10”

Purple semi-trailing, 6–10”

Portulaca Samba 51

Portulaca 24/7 TM Series 51



Moss rose plants resemble miniature roses Flowers close under low light conditions Ideal for bedding plants, mixed containers and hanging baskets

Large double blooms that are 2-3” diameter in size Uniform series that is day length neutral and can work in quarts all the way up to baskets Flowers don’t close at night Greenfuse




Pink Bicolor trailing, 8-12”

Rose trailing, 8-12”

Yellow mounding, 8-12” 91

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