Mast Young Plants 2021/2022 Spring Catalog

Setcreasea 51 Trailing vine grown for its foliage; ideal for combinations or in the garden Beautiful contrast or accent plant Note: Variegated will have some completely solid purple leaves - see photo Collection ➜

Strobilanthes 51 Tropical shrub that is grown primarily for its attractive iridescent purple foliage Ideal for pots and mixed containers


Persian Shield upright, 10–18”

Talinum 51 Heat and drought tolerant Ideal for mixed containers and in flower beds Available beginning week 2

Purple trailing, 12–18”

Purple Variegated trailing, 8–12”


Solanum jasminoides 51 Floriferous, fast and easy grower Attractive foliage and white flowers Drought-tolerant, grows best in full sun



Limón upright, 24–36”

Thunbergia 51 Black Eyed Susan blooms from spring to fall Ideal for trellises and hanging baskets

Yellow Zebra trailing, 12–16”


Streptocarpella 51 Rich green foliage on a prostrate habit with small blue flowers Ideal for hanging baskets and containers Grows well in the shade


Lemon Yellow climbing, up to 48”

Lemon Yellow climbing, up to 48”



Concord Blue upright, 6–10”

Orange climbing, up to 48”

Red climbing, up to 48”


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