New Frontier Immigration Law - June 2021

Team Member Spotlight: Oscar Luna

Like many of us, sales supervisor Oscar Luna has had an odd job or three in his life. “I’ve worked in the service industry, in hospitality, in tourism …” he says. But there’s one key difference between that work and the job he does now; he is currently helping people — who have potentially life-changing legal questions — so they can get access to answers. “That’s just it,” Oscar says. “So often, the work New Frontier does is changing lives.”

casual, they may not take us as professionals. But if I am too formal, they may think that I’m a bot!” And that’s not good if you want the person to stick around and tell you what they need help with or ask the questions that let Oscar and his team figure it out themselves. “There is a lot of decision-making on our team. Do we pass someone off to another team member? Do we take care of them ourselves? Is this something our firm can even help with?” It’s a lot of responsibility, and the team has to be coordinated. Those morning “booster” meetings help, but so does a good work-life balance. When Oscar isn’t running “triage” on the clock with his team, he enjoys spending time with his friends and loved ones. “I am the guy who tries to stay in touch with as many old friends as I can,” Oscar says. “It’s so easy to lose track, especially with the pandemic.” But it’s another relationship that has Oscar’s mind preoccupied lately: he recently proposed to his girlfriend — now his fiancée — and they’re getting married in February 2022! Congrats, Oscar!

It’s a big difference, and it changes how Oscar himself thinks about and approaches his work. “Whether I’m running our regular meeting every morning or responding to someone on our website trying to get help, I know that the person we reach out and reply to could really need help,” he says. It’s a balancing act sometimes with potentially high stakes. “If someone sends us a Facebook message for example, I am often the chat assistant who responds to them. If I appear too

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