Issue 9 New Products 2021

Mars Wrigley has launched Skittles Giants Crazy Sours, following research which found that sour flavours are the most incremental flavour in the sugar confectionery category!*

15 Per Case

Skittles is the best-

Sour products are growing +9.2% year-on- year.**

performing name in sugar confectionery this year, up by 9.8% - that’s a £3.9m gain!*

CODE: 1019665

24 Per Case

Consumers have turned to nostalgic tastes, with orange chocolate

NEWLIMITEDEDITION YorkieOrangeMilkChocolateBar (46g)& YorkieOrangeMilkChocolateBarDuo (72g)

growing at +23.5%.***



Speciality 'Flor de Sal' Mallorcan salt is combined with a high proportion of aromatic organic Panama cocoa, and the almost malty caramel hints of coconut blossom sugar, to create a delightful bouquet of aromas.

Contains over 80 minerals and micronutrients.

Vivani Organic Chocolate Premium Large Bars Dark 75% Mallorca Flor de Sal 80g

Vivani Organic Chocolate Premium Large Bars 62% Dark Caramel Chocolate 80g

10 Per Case AVIV-MFDS

10 Per Case AVIV-FDCM

*The Grocer, Dec 2020; **Mars, June 2021; ***Nestlé, April 2020

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