Issue 9 New Products 2021

Introducing NEW Maltesers Orange Biscuits

Sales of the Maltesers brand grew by 15.9% in 2019, to £219.7m.*

Each biscuit has three tangy orange, malty bobbles, coated in smooth milk chocolate; sure to delight thewhole family!

110g • 14 Per Case •

NEW to our Everyday grocery range!

The savoury biscuits sector ended 2020 in good shape, worth

Carr’s Flatbreads Mixed Seed 150g 5 Per Case 1089676

Carr’s Flatbreads Salt & Pepper 150g 5 Per Case 1089677

£17.8m more than 2019.**

Carr’s Ciabatta Original 140g 8 Per Case 1089680

Carr’s Crispbreads Mixed Grain 190g 6 Per Case 1089678

Carr’s Crispbreads Chive 190g 6 Per Case 1089679

*The Grocer, January 2020; **The Grocer, December 2020

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