Issue 9 New Products 2021

Awaken nature in water with Aqua Herbs From dawn until dusk, Aqua Herbs are crafted to help you feel your best throughout your day and are a natural way to add a delicately delicious flavour to your water. Each blend is distilled into a miniature, recyclable bottle, making it easy to take Aqua Herbs with you wherever you go. Add a dash of Citrus Zing, Turmeric Active or Chamomile Relax to your water, anywhere, anytime, and feel the power of plants.

Pukka Organic Aqua Herbs Turmeric Active 30ml 8 Per Case APUK-AHTA

Pukka Organic Aqua Herbs Citrus Zing 30ml 8 Per Case APUK-AHCZ

Pukka Organic Aqua Herbs Chamomile Relax 30ml 8 Per Case APUK-AHCR

8g of Plant Protein per Glass (125ml Serving)

Mighty Pea Barista Milk 1 Litre 6 Per Case AMP- SLG5804

50% less sugar than cow’s milk and 50% more Calcium. No Refined Sugar.

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