Issue 9 New Products 2021

New Products Issue 9 • 2021

Welcome We’re excited to present our latest New Products brochure, full of innovative, newly developed lines, manufactured by Britain’s leading brands. Additionally, we have included some existing UK favourites that are new to our product portfolio! British new product development is industry-leading, and we carefully select the fantastic lines featured within this brochure by taking insights from current UK trends. From Yorkie Orange Chocolate Bar to Weetabix Oreo O’s Cereal, we hope you enjoy shopping the range!

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SYMBOL KEY: Organic Dairy Free

Gluten Free Vegetarian

Vegan Chilled Frozen

Mars Wrigley has launched Skittles Giants Crazy Sours, following research which found that sour flavours are the most incremental flavour in the sugar confectionery category!*

15 Per Case

Skittles is the best-

Sour products are growing +9.2% year-on- year.**

performing name in sugar confectionery this year, up by 9.8% - that’s a £3.9m gain!*

CODE: 1019665

24 Per Case

Consumers have turned to nostalgic tastes, with orange chocolate

NEWLIMITEDEDITION YorkieOrangeMilkChocolateBar (46g)& YorkieOrangeMilkChocolateBarDuo (72g)

growing at +23.5%.***



Speciality 'Flor de Sal' Mallorcan salt is combined with a high proportion of aromatic organic Panama cocoa, and the almost malty caramel hints of coconut blossom sugar, to create a delightful bouquet of aromas.

Contains over 80 minerals and micronutrients.

Vivani Organic Chocolate Premium Large Bars Dark 75% Mallorca Flor de Sal 80g

Vivani Organic Chocolate Premium Large Bars 62% Dark Caramel Chocolate 80g

10 Per Case AVIV-MFDS

10 Per Case AVIV-FDCM

*The Grocer, Dec 2020; **Mars, June 2021; ***Nestlé, April 2020

Introducing NEW Maltesers Orange Biscuits

Sales of the Maltesers brand grew by 15.9% in 2019, to £219.7m.*

Each biscuit has three tangy orange, malty bobbles, coated in smooth milk chocolate; sure to delight thewhole family!

110g • 14 Per Case •

NEW to our Everyday grocery range!

The savoury biscuits sector ended 2020 in good shape, worth

Carr’s Flatbreads Mixed Seed 150g 5 Per Case 1089676

Carr’s Flatbreads Salt & Pepper 150g 5 Per Case 1089677

£17.8m more than 2019.**

Carr’s Ciabatta Original 140g 8 Per Case 1089680

Carr’s Crispbreads Mixed Grain 190g 6 Per Case 1089678

Carr’s Crispbreads Chive 190g 6 Per Case 1089679

*The Grocer, January 2020; **The Grocer, December 2020

This product aims to fill the gap in the cereal market for an 'indulgent, adult proposition'. The US launch drove more than $45m sales in year one!*

Weetabix Oreo O’s 350g 10 Per Case 1080040

An extra 53.5 million packs of cereal went through the tills last year, adding £152.1m to the market. That’s a 9.8% growth in value.**

8 out of 10 people say they would buy

Weetabix Melts!***

Weetabix Chocolate Melts 360g • 6 Per Case • 1042688

*The Grocer & Weetabix, March 2021; **The Grocer, January 2021; ***Weetabix, June 2021

Pip Organic Sparkling is a refreshing blend of organic fruit juices & sparkling water... and nothing else!

Taste the power of GIMBER. A versatile organic drink made from premium ginger, lemon, herbs and spices to make your taste buds tango. Zero alcohol, plenty of bite.

Plant-based alternatives to dairy milk are growing in popularity, with oat variants in particular winning many loyal supporters.*

Gimber Ginger Concentrate 500ml 6 Per Case AGIM-GIM500

Glebe Farm Barista Style Oat Drink 1 Litre 6 Per Case AGLE-BARR

Use PureOaty oat drink in exactly the same way you would use milk.


Awaken nature in water with Aqua Herbs From dawn until dusk, Aqua Herbs are crafted to help you feel your best throughout your day and are a natural way to add a delicately delicious flavour to your water. Each blend is distilled into a miniature, recyclable bottle, making it easy to take Aqua Herbs with you wherever you go. Add a dash of Citrus Zing, Turmeric Active or Chamomile Relax to your water, anywhere, anytime, and feel the power of plants.

Pukka Organic Aqua Herbs Turmeric Active 30ml 8 Per Case APUK-AHTA

Pukka Organic Aqua Herbs Citrus Zing 30ml 8 Per Case APUK-AHCZ

Pukka Organic Aqua Herbs Chamomile Relax 30ml 8 Per Case APUK-AHCR

8g of Plant Protein per Glass (125ml Serving)

Mighty Pea Barista Milk 1 Litre 6 Per Case AMP- SLG5804

50% less sugar than cow’s milk and 50% more Calcium. No Refined Sugar.

Cadbury Fudge Flavour Icing 400g 6 Per Case 1074179

Did you know, sales in edible decorations, buttercreams and mixes are seeing significant growth versus the same period last year?* Home baking is a trend that is likely to continue, even as lockdown restrictions begin to be relaxed.**

Clearspring have relaunched their popular Miso Bouillon as Umami Stock, as this better describes how it is used. Made from the highest quality, natural ingredients without the use of yeast extracts.

Clearspring Organic Instant Noodle Broth 245ml

Clearspring Umami Instant Stock Paste 112g

6 Per Case ACSP-BRO

8 Per Case ACSP-UMA

Kombucha vinegar is obtained from organic green tea infusion through a double fermentation process with symbiotic cultures of yeast and good bacteria.

Fermented food has soared in popularity in recent years, in part due to the ever-increasing interest and research into gut health.***

Boostcha Black Tea Kombucha Vinegar 250ml 6 Per Case ABOO-AC111

Boostcha Green Tea Kombucha Vinegar 250ml 6 Per Case ABOO-AC110

*; **The Grocer, July 2020; ***

This Asian-inspired restaurant and grocery brand reported that sales of its grocery products surpassed the £20m mark last year, a 59% increase on 2019.*

Restaurant-inspired rice noodles with hand-crafted Asian broths are a great solution for foodies looking for a light and convenient lunch.

*The Grocer, February 2021

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Please be advised that all lines are subject to availability and minimum order quantities for our ranges apply.

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