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Have You Heard about Our VIP Program?


Here at the Law Offices of Don E. McClure, Jr., we feel so fortunate to have been able to serve this community for over 23 years. To thank our current and former clients for their continued trust and loyalty over the last couple decades, we wanted to give back by offering a free membership to our VIP Program. This program is so chock-full of great benefits that attorneys at other firms often find it too sensational to believe, but we assure you: These benefits are the real deal! Some, but not all , of these amazing and FREE benefits include: 1. Free 15-Minute Legal Consultation Sometimes all someone needs to do is chat with a lawyer. We want to hear your story. If it’s not a legal matter that we can handle, we will refer you to an experienced attorney who can help you. 2. Free Small-Business Contract Review Are you planning to sign a new lease, contract, or other paperwork and want an attorney to look it over? We will review small-business contracts and other documents for you — for free! 3. Free Notary Service No more long lines or silly fees at the bank. We will notarize your documents right here in our office by appointment. 4. Free Entry into Attorney McClure Contests Our firm puts on big giveaways and contests several times a year. As a hand-selected VIP member, you are automatically entered into most giveaways. As a VIP member, you can enjoy these benefits, plus so many more! Please go to to sign up today!

I was talking with my son, Nathan, yesterday, and we were discussing some ways that he could discover his passion and true talents as an individual. Throughout our discussion, we verbally compiled a list of both his weakest traits and his strongest traits. I mentioned to Nathan that I believe it is far more important to amplify our strengths than try to fix our weaknesses. Yes, we need to have basic competencies, but it is my stance that working to improve our weaknesses is usually a waste of effort and time, especially when compared to the return on investment that accrues when we work to improve our strengths. “I believe that it is far more important to amplify our strengths than try to fix our weaknesses.” Working on a weakness — at least beyond a basic skill level — will have a marginal impact. In the end, the result of that effort is mediocrity, whereas playing to your strengths will lead to a level of expertise that few people possess. To illustrate this idea, you can start by examining the career paths of the most successful people you know in

your life. I’m willing to bet that they have assiduously worked to become highly specialized in a niche field that requires their specific strengths. Furthermore, it is clear to me that when we only work on our weaknesses, we become generalists, meaning that we have no special skills to set us apart. In other words, we become average. The real question is not about focusing on only strengths or only weaknesses, but finding the balance that you need to become successful. Of course, that balance is not going to be a 50-50 split, but a balance that is appropriate to the direction you want to take yourself throughout life. I suggested to Nathan that we should consult the book “Strengthfinder 2.0” to discover his true strengths. The book describes in detail 34 basic strengths and then lists 10 “Ideas for Action” that help the reader enhance those strengths. In addition, there is a one-time-use code in the book that will unlock an online test that determines a person’s top five strengths.

In doing more research, I discovered that while




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