Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual


6.1 UNCOUPLE PUP FROM LEAD TRAILER Follow these steps to uncouple your pup trailer from a lead trailer:

1. Park the truck and trailers on a firm level surface in a straight line.

2. Engage the pup lock to lock the dolly in the centered, straight position. Place transmission in neutral, set parking brakes, turn off truck engine and remove key.


Crushing Hazard.

Truck could be inadvertently moved while you are behind trailer

Place truck transmission in neutral, set parking brakes, turn off engine and remove key before entering the area behind trailer.

3. Move the air supply valves on lead trailer glad hands to the off position as shown in figure 6-1.

Figure 6-1 Air Supply Valves On Lead Trailer

4. Disconnect both safety chains (A), hydraulic hose (B), tailgate air hose, pup lock air hose, service glad hand, electrical connector and supply glad hand. See figure 6-2.

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