Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Uncouple Truck

4. Your trailer may be equipped with a two speed landing gear, or no-load support legs. MAC T railer uses a two speed landing gear from several different manufacturers. High speed may be “in” on some models and “out” on others. High speed is used only when landing gear is off the ground. Engage the crank handle (A) and lower the landing gear until it makes firm contact with the ground, blocks or pads. Switch to low gear and crank an additional 4- 8 turns.

For no-load support legs, pull retaining pins and pins (B), fully extend the no-load legs (C) and insert pins and retaining pins. Return the two speed landing gear crank handle to the storage position. See figure 6-4.

Figure 6-4 No-Load Support Legs

Two Speed Landing Gear

5. Disconnect the supply hose (A), service hose (B), hydraulic hose, electrical connector, and if equipped, disconnect hoses to the lift axle and tailgate glad hands. See figure 6-5.

Figure 6-5 Disconnect Hoses And Electrical Connector

6. Pull the fifth wheel release lever.

7. Release air in truck suspension (if equipped) and pull truck forward until fifth wheel comes out from under the trailer.

8. Stop with truck frame under trailer. This will prevent the trailer from falling to the ground if the landing gear should collapse or sink.

9. Apply parking brake and place transmission in neutral.

10. Make sure ground is supporting trailer. Make sure landing gear is not damaged.

11 Check the area and drive truck forward until clear of trailer.


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