Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

8. I NSPECTIONS A ND L UBRICATION Routine inspections, maintenance and service must be performed on your trailer on a regular basis to insure safe and reliable operation. Inspections can be performed by a person trained in spotting potential problems. Service and repairs must be performed by a trained, qualified technician.

Note: In addition to this manual, also check the relevant component manufacturer's manual.


Crushing Hazard.

Before performing trailer Inspections, service or maintenance: • Park trailer on firm, level surface. • Set parking brakes, turn truck engine off and remove ignition key. • Chock tires if brakes are to be released. • Support trailer with properly rated and placed stands.



Risk of crushing.

A falling dump body can cause death or severe injury.

Block up the empty, raised dump body before performing any under-body inspection, maintenance or service.

NEVER block up a loaded or partially loaded dump body. Empty dump body before blocking up.

Use hardwood blocks only.

To access the hydraulic cylinder on a frame style dump trailer, the dump body must be partially raised and supported with hardwood blocking. Perform the following steps to block up the dump body.

Note: Lubricating the grease fittings on the hydraulic cylinder is done with the dump body down.

1. Connect truck to trailer.

2. Empty the dump body. Never attempt to block up a loaded or partially loaded dump body.

3. Check for clearance overhead and raise dump body to desired height.

4. Place one hardwood block minimum 4” x 6” x 7’ long between the frame and body rails as shown in figure 8-1.

5. Place two hardwood supports between the tires, up into the floor cross members. See figure 8-1.


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