Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual

Maintenance And Service

Figure 9-2 Wheel End Options

Oil bath style wheel ends (A) use an approved drive axle lubricant gear oil for lubrication. Remove the rubber plug. Use a lubricant meeting MIL-L-2105D specifications. Either 80W-90 mineral based or 75W-90 synthetic lubricant is acceptable. Do not mix lubricants. Add lubricant to the bottom full line on hub cap. Install rubber plug.

Grease packed wheel ends (B) use wheel bearing grease for lubrication. Check the axle manufacturers information regarding service and maintenance intervals.

Hendrickson Long-Life System™ (HLS™) wheel ends (C) are factory lubricated with a synthetic grease. Do not add lubricant, wheel end is factory lubricated. Do not attempt to adjust bearings, they are preset at the factory. Hub removal will void the warranty. Do not remove the (HLS™) hub cap without first contacting Hendrickson.


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