Dump Trailers - Owner's Manual


2.2.5 SHIFTING CARGO Be certain doors are properly latched to prevent the door from opening while towing.


Collision Hazard.

If a door opens, your cargo can spill onto the road, which could result in death or serious injury to other drivers.

Verify doors are properly closed and latched.

2.2.6 INAPPROPRIATE CARGO Carry only the cargo that your trailer was designed for. A trailer must not be used to carry certain items, such as people, containers of hazardous substances or containers of flammable substances.


Never transport people in a trailer.

Do not transport flammable, explosive, poisonous or other dangerous materials in your trailer.



Tip Over Hazard.

The following conditions CAN cause the trailer to tip over while dumping load: • Soft, uneven or obstructed dumping surface. • Unbalanced load in the trailer. • Overloaded trailer. • Weak, broken or leaking trailer suspension parts. • If equipped with an air suspension, not releasing air from the trailer suspension before dumping. • Tires that are flat or low on air pressure. • Moving the trailer with the dump body raised. • High winds. • Jerking the trailer or hydraulics to free a stuck load. • Truck and trailer parked in a jackknife position. • Trailer movement of any kind. 2.4 BRAKES AND LIGHTS Be sure that the brakes and all of the lights on your trailer are functioning properly before towing your trailer.


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