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by Jeremy Kloter

n one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, Tam-


pa, FL, my wife Gloria Kloter and I launched Glow Architects. With her background as an award-winning architect, being in the industry since 2004, and having a variety of expo- sure to different design styles, we were poised to take a new invest- ing angle in our community. But we’d heard it time and time again, “The market is competitive, deals are scarce, and profits are being squeezed. As investors how can we continue to compete?” I didn’t realize it at the time, but marrying an archi- tect turned into the perfect marriage of skills for my real estate invest- ment business. My background in business and operating a real estate brokerage with 50+ agents, a property manage- ment company that assists investors with single-home or multifamily buildings, and a 506b Reg D real estate investment fund, I had built a solid network of investors. The demand to do new construction in the residential space has been booming as investors have found the fix-and-flip market flooded with those who target the typical single-family flip. We have noticed a shift in savvy, well-capitalized investors target new-builds to keep money moving. Whether develop-

ing lots or tearing down an existing structure to rebuild, we see this strategy as a viable option. Not only are there fewer investors doing it, but as the housing inventory contin- ues to decrease through the resale market and with local builders, the private investor can make a solid return if the strategy is implemented correctly. We have also seen a shift in insti- tutional investors looking for new construction to buy and rent out, a

model not typically seen at scale before. There is also a lack of those willing to provide this product to the market and we have been able to offer services to investors utilizing the architecture license my wife has to get in on the action. There is also a high volume of activity around fix and flips, so as a design firm we are always looking for new ways to have more functional layouts with well thought out designs to help investors create a buzz

10 | think realty magazine :: july 2021

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