Designing Your Thought Leadership Platform


by Ellis Hammond

ave you ever thought of the internet as “digital real estate?” Have you considered people’s attention as “mental real estate?” Would you agree that as more content is being consumed by the average user, it becomes increasingly important for you to own other forms of “real estate?” As real estate investors, it is important to design the founda- tion for your own thought leader- ship platform and begin to attract and keep more of the “mental real estate” of your ideal clients. WHAT IS ATHOUGHT LEADERSHIP PLATFORM? From a talk show, a live event, or a YouTube channel, a thought lead - ership platform is any source that allows you to create and distribute content. It’s a stage that shows off your expertise and builds credibility with your audience through the dis- tribution and consumption of your content. So, first ask who is your audi - ence? Whom are you serving? Who your clients are determines what platform you will choose. If you serve Baby Boomers, Tiktok might not be a great suggestion. A pod- cast or a YouTube channel would be more relevant. H

Then, consider your audience’s problems to ascertain the type of content to create. Here are four questions to ask your clients that will help with content creation: 1  What is your biggest fear regarding your current situa- tion?

focused on high-level strategic activities like interviewing, writing, and speaking, and hire others to manage activities like editing and distributing. If you aren’t sure where to begin posting your content, start with Youtube as it is the second-largest search engine on the internet, only behind its parent company, Google. Stay consistent. The most diffi - cult barrier to overcome with any thought leadership platform is con- sistency. Make the commitment to create every week. Having your own thought leader- ship platform in our current media world is not up for negotiation or deliberation. No one makes buying decisions without the help of Goo- gle anymore. Strong, compelling, and lots of organic content will be the future blue checkmark of your company. •

2  What is your biggest frustration with this fear?

3  If you could wave a magic wand, what outcome do you really want out working with us?

4  What are your biggest aspira- tions in life right now?

In my experience, the easiest and most effective way to design your thought leadership platform is via a “talk show” format because it requires the least amount of plan- ning; it’s a Q & A format, which peo - ple like; and having guests join your show will bring in new audiences. Plus, you can create multiple pieces of content from one episode including mini clips, blogs, audio excerpts, and quote cards. Be the CEO of your thought leadership platform. Meaning, stay

Ellis Hammond manages a private network of investors seeking passive investment opportunities in multifamily syndications across the United States.

Ellis is passionate about the intersection of faith and capital and hosts a weekly podcast show, Kingdom REI, to educate and inspire other investors and entrepreneurs to see capital as a means for greater Kingdom influence. To learn how you can invest alongside Ellis and this community, visit

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