The 3D printed furniture would be much less expensive than traditional furniture.” —Steve Streetman

for intricate designs now requires a small fortune. In the very near future, they will be just as easy and actually require less material than simpler designs. The technology is here now. What needs to happen to bring 3D print- ed furniture to the forefront is some research on material properties so we can ensure the durabili- ty of the furniture and predict how much weight it can bear. In addition, we need a wide catalog of print-

design that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly at a fraction of the cost of current households that have far less customization. Within the next three years this technology will take the real estate world by storm. •

ing designs that have been tested and proven and can be printed on demand. And lastly, we need soft- ware that can adapt designs to differ- ent sizes and shapes to provide true customization. Fortunately, com- panies such as Empower Unity are building the teams needed to create these products and make them avail- able everywhere. Between home printing and fur- niture printing, your entire house- hold can be created as a custom

Steve Streetman is a real estate consultant specializing in deal structuring and the use of cryptocurrency. Look for his book “Cryptocurrency and Real

Estate: how to profit as Bitcoin and Blockchain transform real estate investing” available now on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

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