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STRATEGY 58  Custom Furniture Printed for Your Home What can happen when technology and design meet by Steve Streetman 62  Building a Wholesale Business How to achieve balance between work and life by Brian Snider 64  Design Elements in Rental Homes Layout and interior design are crucial in the Build-to-Rent strategy by Bruce McNeilage DESIGN POINT 66  Turning a Nightmare Home into a Dream Home Focusing on the pros of a scary property sparks inspiration by Tori Martin 70  Connecting Past and Present Through Design Using history to achieve timeless, modern appeal by Michele Van der Veen

INVESTOR STORIES 10  Increase Your ROI with Architects and Designers Gaining an edge over competition in new construction and renovations by Jeremy Kloter

12  The Secret to Living Your Perfect Day How strategic relationships bring greater success by Ellis Hammond

13  Contributor Corner

Meet Michael Zuber

FUNDAMENTALS 24  Designing Your Thought Leadership Platform Rethinking real estate in terms of audience and content by Ellis Hammond

27 Navigating the Private Lending World What investors need to know about using other people’s money by Damon Riehl

MARKETS & TRENDS 73  Hit the Accelerator

Ten markets with a faster growth rate by Ingo Winzer 76  10 Best Practices for Relationship Management Laying the groundwork for the best customer experience by Bob Preston

30  Rewarding Good Tenants

Addressing overlooked assets in single-family rental investments by Michael Zuber

35 Investor Review

52  How to Design an Effective Online Marketing Campaign

MINDSET 82  Invest with Heart

Understanding the best digital strategies to boost business by Shawn Tiberio

How compassion can lead to better deals for all by Michele Van der Veen

56  Design a Life You Love Using Real Estate Making a difference while making a profit by Sonia Booker, a Think Realty Resident Expert

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