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California, including Sacramento and many small goldmining towns. What I have noticed over the years of investing in these areas is that no matter if it’s the city or one of the small country towns in the area, people are looking to buy because they have fallen in love with the area and the history here! Therefore, I have made it part of every home I renovate to incorporate the history of the area into my designs. This Historic-Modern design can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Every area of the world has its own unique look because of the people who first settled there.

For instance, in Gold Country, because of the massive migration that took place during the gold rush, people from all over the world moved here bringing with them many differ- ent designs from their homelands. This combination of designs created an almost eclectic look in the design of the buildings and interiors. You can see this depicted in mate - rials used that are native to each area. In Gold Country, we see a lot of redwood, river rock and green- stone used, which came from the nearby Sierra Foothills. Brickwork can be seen as well because of all the masons that settled here. Also, one of the first businesses built in the area was a foundry for casting metal equipment for the gold mines. It gave the people who settled here access to metal, which they were able to use to build shutters and


tory in which a potential home buyer may perhaps be in love with enough that they are considering moving there. Why not capture that history in the design of your next investment? Designing a beach-themed home at the beach or a mountain-themed cabin in the mountains is nothing new. But taking the history of an area and capturing it into the design of your next property can help you sell to your buyer the very thing they love about the area! Most of my investments have been throughout Historic Gold Country

“To achieve historic-modern design, you also need to consider the timeframe that the areawas settled.” –Michele Van der Veen

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