think we would all agree that Property Manage- ment is a “relationship business.” Think about all the people your team interfaces with daily in making your business successful: property owners, tenants, vendors, prospective tenants, HOAs, and more. Relationship man- agement with the hundreds of individual personalities you have contact with is an integral part of every aspect of our property management businesses. Here, I will refer to these different stakeholder groups as “customers.” Relationship management is not just about closing a sale I

or providing good customer support, but rather laying the groundwork for the best possible experience a custom- er has in their journey with your company. It involves maximizing the possibilities with these stakeholders to develop trust, inspire and influence, build bonds, cre - ate understanding, gain agreement, and resolve conflict. Here are ten strategies and tactics that I consider to be best practices for relationship management in a property management company. NO. 1 Online Presence Your online presence will be the introduction place for most of your business relationships. In fact, according to Adaptive Marketing, 97 percent of consumers use the internet to find their desired service. They may have found your website from Google search, spotted a social media post, or landed on your Zillow listing. Either way, they are already determining if your company is worthy of their business. Having clear messaging, great images, and well written descriptions is what makes them want to engage with you. Make it easy to interact by having live chat, free downloads, request a quote form, and even a link to set an appointment. Your online presence is your chance at a good first impression so make it count! NO. 2 CRM Software If you do not yet have a software for Customer Relation- ship Management (CRM), you are already behind in your best practices. In the early days of starting North County Property Group, I kept track of all our contacts infor- mally, mostly in a virtual Rolodex I had in my head. Then one day, the owner of one of our listings asked me how many people had inquired about their rental property. I am embarrassed to say that I did not know the answer. That very day, I subscribed to cloud-based CRM software for tracking all client and tenant leads and the specifics of their inquiry. What an immediate impact that made on our business. It is now hard to imagine a world without it. Everything related to relationship management can be found in one place—names, addresses, numbers, data, notes, and metrics. NO. 3 Responsiveness. Maybe you have made it easy for people to find your business and you have captured the lead, but if you do not respond it will be impossible to form a relationship. Nothing makes a prospective customer happier and more satisfied than a fast response. According to Super -

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