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We hear politicians running for office and other experts predicting that a recession is near. But, a recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of economic contraction. The Atlanta Federal Reserve upgraded its expectation for the third quarter to a 2.5% growth of GDP. How accurate are the celebrated economists at the International Monetary Fund in predicting 469 recessions in 194 countries since 1998? It seems they should be correct at least 50% of the time. Well actually, they only correctly predicted impending recessions less than 1% of the time. Wall Street banks and hedge funds aren’t much better. Of the 153 economic downturns in 163 counties from 1992 to 2014, just five had been predicted six months in advance. Yet, people love predictions, so the marketing of financial investment gurus, information, and services requires them. So the fake experts must make economic predictions. The above results illustrates the fallacy of predictions. You might as well trust yourself as any of the so-called experts. This is especially true concerning money matters. Many affluent investors are distrustful of the fake experts.

If you’re reading this newsletter, then odds are you understand the powerful pull of good content. Words have the ability to conjure goals, hopes, dreams, and ideas, and they’re an integral part of building your brand. If you don’t communicate with potential clients, how can you expect them to trust you? You can build that trust by crafting quality content on your website and in your advertising. Once you start looking, you’ll probably be surprised by just how many words your company puts into the world each month. We could spend all day going over tips of the trade, but, whether you’re just getting started or giving your brand image an overhaul for the holidays, these are the high points you don’t want to miss. 1. CHOOSE A VOICE When it comes to content, consistency is key. Few things are worse than scatterbrained messaging: If your company’s tone is upbeat and slang-happy one moment and serious and pedantic the next, your customers will develop whiplash, and, worse, they won’t have a good understanding of who you are. Your best

–Bill Moist

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