Case Barnett Law - B2C - June 2020


JUNE 2020

UPDATES FROM THE BARNETT HOUSE HOW WE HAVE SPENT OUR QUARANTINE W hen my family set out on our RV adventure in late February, I knew there were a few things that could cause us to end the trip early. But I was not expecting my wife to catch a virus that would soon cause a global pandemic. and do mediations remotely using Zoom, and we have gotten more creative so we can keep pushing cases forward.

How to clear out a Target

Before I continue, yes, Nicole is doing okay now. She was one of the earliest COVID-19 cases in the state of California. Thankfully, Nicole only had to spend one night in the hospital, but she had to be quarantined in the bedroom for several weeks. The kids and I couldn’t see her at all, and that was hard on the whole family. When she could finally come out into the rest of the house again, Finn and Harlow were so happy to see her. The kids have been so rad through this whole thing. They’re so young, but they know things have been different. Not going to Disneyland is a pretty big deal with our family. But Finn and Harlow understand that we’ve had to stay home so we don’t get sick or get other people sick. They’re already being home-schooled, but actually having to stay home all day was a big transition for them. Nicole usually takes them to the park or beach to learn outside in the world. Our entire schedules had to be reworked to try and keep our two little kids entertained all day. This might have led to a bounce castle in the living room. Honestly, I think Finn and Harlow were just happy to have Mom and Dad home all day long. The entire firm began working remotely during the first week of March. This was before Governor Newsom announced the shelter-in-place order, but if I wasn’t going into the office myself, then I wasn’t going to make the rest of my team go in. Turns out, this put us really ahead of the curve. We were in a good place when the courts shut down and began hearing emergency cases only. As personal injury lawyers, we were fortunate because we could actually keep working on most of our cases. We are able to take depositions

Our whole team has been just incredible during this process. These are tough

times for everyone, but the team is still there for our clients and for each other. I especially want to shout out my associates Geraldine (Dena) Weiss and Jamal Mahmood. They are just gangbusters. Dena put herself on an extreme lockdown but was still crushing it. Meanwhile, Jamal has been such a beast, working to push cases forward. I had to set my phone to not accept calls before 5:30 a.m. because he was just on the grind nonstop. Our paralegals Gio and Paige have offered constant support to the attorneys and our managing attorney Rachelle has masterfully tackled each and every transition we have gone through. This year didn’t start out the way anyone expected. We’re halfway through 2020, and I honestly have no idea what the rest of the year will bring. For now, I think it’s best to focus on the here and now. I’m grateful for my team who has been working so hard. I’m grateful that the firm has been able to continue operating and helping our clients through the pandemic, and I’m grateful that my family is healthy and safe.

As for that RV trip? We’re hoping to hit the road again once everything calms down. It’s good to have something fun to look forward to, whatever the future may bring. –Case Barnett

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