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Meet the Team Behind Your Meals OCTOBER 2019

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The True Vision of October Kitchen 100 YEARS FROM NOW

A few weeks ago, we got a call from a customer shortly after our delivery guy stopped by her home. Somehow, we’d messed up and forgot to put the chicken entree in the delivery box. This was pretty embarrassing. Fortunately, one of my guys in the kitchen used to be “the world’s best pizza delivery guy” — a title he gave himself. He looked up the client’s address, saw they were only 10 minutes away and stepped up to deliver the chicken personally. Our client was so relieved when he showed up at her door. She was 70 years old and had been planning on having those meals for lunch with her husband that day. Without the chicken, she would have had to go to the grocery store, a thought that caused her a great deal of stress. Having the problem fixed so promptly gave her tremendous relief.

beyond just putting food on a plate. It would be easy to sell food to folks that are high in salt and fat and loaded with carbs. Everybody does that. When I write recipes, I’m making food with the heart in mind. I want to make food that truly nourishes people, body, mind and soul. My goal with October Kitchen has always been to make sure the people who eat our food feel cared for. This means we need to both make tasty, nutritious meals and present those meals in a genuine and caring manner. Feeding people is a sacred devotion to me and I have been thinking about the vision of October Kitchen. Beyond our motto, what keeps us moving forward is this: “connecting to customers’ hearts through nourishing food and sincere service.” I know we are living up to our vision, based on the compliments we get from our customers and the regular calls we get from people asking for our help. There are countless

“Feeding people is a sacred devotion to me …”

From day one, the October Kitchen motto has been “nourishing people.” This goes

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