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Fabric Frames can be used both individually and segmented, allowing you to connect them in series to achieve stunning visual displays such as walls and backdrops. In that case additional supporting profiles are used inside the frame, behind the fabric. Segmented constructions allow for larger frame sizes with the inclusion of additional connectors, screws and bases.



Take your advertising to the next level with the Fabric Frames. The minimalist display solution consists of a flat sided aluminium frame and tensioned fabric graphic with silicone edges. Important to know: the solution should only be used indoors. The Fabric Frames are available in various models that will fulfill your wishes: illuminated, non-illuminated, single-sided and double-sided, freestanding, wall mounted or ceiling suspended. Every solution in your suitable size. From a small solution to a larger LED illuminated custom size solution for wall and freestanding applications. The depth of the profile is the main difference.

Another important advantage is that the Fabric Frames are an easy to use product. The solution can easily be installed on site. CHANGE YOUR FABRIC GRAPHICS The graphics can be exchanged without tools or the need to remove the solution from the wall. Fabric graphics are not included with the product but can be requested separately. Prices for all variations are available on request.

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