Catalogue Showdown Displays Europe 2022 | EN - CZ - PL | CZ

The Digital Displays are equipped with the latest professional QMR Samsung screens. There is no need to worry about missing your moment to shine, because the displays are operational 24/7, all year long. Even with the outdoor displays, you don’t have to miss anything. EVERYWHERE AT ANY TIME UPGRADE YOURSELF Further enhancements are up to you! A central content management system will help you spread the right message. Place a touch foil for extra interaction by creating a touch function on your Digital Display. More personalistion options are possible. STAY IN TOUCH Give the best and get the best: create interaction with your public. Show your e-shop, receive feedback on the spot or promote other items. It’s all up to you. The displays have a safety tempered glass or plastic cover and have a heavy duty aluminium or steel construction.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Let’s go for more! With the Digital Display products you attract attention, tell stories and create an unforgettable impression at the right place and time. Easy, practical and extensible: those are the three keywords for the Digital Display assortment. Your wishes will be fulfilled as the Digital Displays are customisable to your requested size and preferences. Spread your message elegantly and durable. ‘DIGITAL IS THE FUTURE’


Change your message easily at any time of the day. Whether it’s in the morning or during weekends, when it’s raining or the sun is shining. You name it. Your message will always suit the situation. Speed won’t be a problem: play your images and videos easily from USB drive, simple step-by-step manual included, with default Wi-Fi connectivity.



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