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F ebruary 2018

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was all safe. With her permission, the wind got turned up slowly. She started to fly, and the smile on her face was not so much about flying as it was about being proud that she was brave. When the instructor flew her 30 feet up into the air, she thought it was amazing. Not a few minutes earlier she had wanted to run from the building. I was so proud of her, as well as proud of myself for doing something outside of my comfort zone. I’ve been reading about Kaizen, the art of taking tiny steps to meet big goals. As someone who always has goals to meet, as well as normal roadblocks and hurdles constantly getting in the way, I’m planning all the ways in which I can dodge the obstacles and get to what I really want in life — more joy, more growth, more learning, and more connection in my community. I want to keep moving away from the things that keep me from those goals, whether it’s by taking tiny steps or boundless leaps. I hope you are spending 2018 working toward your joy and passion. Tiny steps, five-second rule — I hope you launch yourself into this new year! Shelly Coffman

2018 is in full swing! As 2017 was a bit of a dark shadow in many ways, my plan is to dig in to 2018 and let the light shine. For me, this means a lot of service projects, reading books, exercise, and a healthier diet (I know I’m not the only one who got through 2017 with more wine). And finally, more things that bring joy and passion. My family kicked off 2018 with some indoor skydiving. Now, as someone who is not necessarily afraid of heights, but pretty much ‘less than appreciative,’ I wasn’t sure what I’d think. And my gung- ho daughter was thrilled to bits to do this — until it was her turn, and then she wasn’t. My heart dropped. I knew how much she was looking forward to this, and I knew her anxiety was yelling at her. She asked my husband to go first, and she wanted me to go last. I wasn’t sure she was going to go at all. Over the roar of the turbine, I talked to the instructor to let him know her fear, and I was so touched to see he was able to meet her where she was. He had the wind turned WAY down so she could walk around in the turbine. He held her hand and explained the noise and how her body would float. He let her be scared, and showed her how it

According to a 2016 survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans than ever before are getting the exercise their bodies need. Of course, this is great news. Reams of data show a link between well-being and physical activity. This increase in activity will undoubtedly have widespread positive effects. But as the number of fitness-minded individuals climbs, so does the amount of misinformation about fitness and weight loss circulating on the internet. Unless they’re professionals, like trainers or physical therapists, it’s best to avoid the advice of well-meaning, but misled, people. Here are a few myths about exercise you’ve almost certainly heard before — and that you may still believe. 1. Y ou can eat whatever you want and still lose weight if you work out hard enough . On the surface, the way we lose weight seems pretty simple. If you manage to expend more calories than you ingest, your body is forced to use up some of its stored energy, usually in the form of fat. However, creating that caloric deficit is a lot easier to achieve by changing what you eat than by wiping yourself out on the track. T he 4 B iggest F itness M yths Y ou P robably B elieve

–-Shelly Coffman

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