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APRIL 2019

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GYM WIFE NOW LOVING THE GYM LIFE A WILL AND A WAY TO MAKE FITNESS WORK FOR YOU Saul, my husband, asked me to share my fitness overhaul. I had always kept my weight under control by dieting. Turning 50 surprised me with a slower metabolism and menopause. I found myself overweight and unhappy about it. I returned to Weight Watchers, where I am a lifetime member. This time, however, it didn’t work! Next, I tried keto, and though I love bacon, I found it impossible to maintain the diet. I finally decided to try exercise. I went to our boot camp and found an increase in my energy level and stamina. I also dropped 15 pounds. In the fall, Saul invited me to a 12-week challenge with the nutritionist that sets up meal plans for our clients. It made all the difference! I lost 30 pounds and am in better physical shape than I’ve been in years. I have energy, and most importantly, I like what I see in the mirror. I not only lost the weight, but I also changed my shape.

I make my lunch for work so I am not tempted by fast food or office treats. • Substitute sugary sodas and fatty coffee drinks for zero-calorie alternitives. • Be accountable to a coach. During the challenge, I would snap a picture of a restaurant menu to my coach, and he would tell me what to order. No joke! It took away the guessing as I was learning to make better food decisions. • Know your why. Do you want to lose weight for your health? To feel better about your appearance? It helps to remember why you are doing this on the tough days. Now, I can eat anything I want and still maintain my weight and shape. The secret is to plan ahead and eat the right portions. I feel great and no longer have pain in my knee. I am happy to report that getting older does not mean giving up on feeling good about yourself. Call Saul at 209- 232-6428. He will help.

With accountability to a coach, I learned to make good decisions about my eating. I learned to count macros in my foods and meet daily nutritional goals. My coach told me to continue boot camp and add weightlifting to my routine several times per week. Additionally, I was given a 10,000 daily step count goal. I hear women talk about how hard it is to lose weight after 50, and it certainly can be, but Saul and the team make it simple. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned over the last six months: • Track everything you eat. I even take a travel scale to restaurants. • When you weigh your food, use grams, not ounces. Grams are more precise and harder to guess. • Weigh yourself every day. Once a week is not enough. • Lift weights. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn and the more food you get to eat! • Track your activity. 10,000 steps per day and 3–4 boot camps per week is the goal. • Plan for your meals ahead of time. Put them into your tracker the day before so it’s easy to stick to the plan.

As of April 1, Manteca Carter Fitness Lab has moved!

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–Sharon Carter

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