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event, noted that some participants also chose to return the gift certificates they received as their prize, so that the certificates could be shared out to area residents who IBWFBVUJTNBOEUIFJSGBNJMJFT"4%6OJUFE will look after distributing the certificates. “This helps all kinds of people,” said /JDPMF 5BZMPS  SFHBSEJOH UIF iHFOFSPVT donation” of unclaimed gift certificates. “The pandemic has made it hard for some families.” The inaugural Snowmobile Ride for Autism was rescheduled to the February 26 weekend from the original February 19 weekend because trail conditions earlier in the month had deteriorated because of the mild weather. A recent heavy snowfall resulted in “perfect trails” according to /JDPMF5BZMPS XIPBMTPDSFEJUFEUIFTVQQPSU of the Eastern Ontario Snowmobile Club for bringing out groomers and volunteers during the week leading up to February 26 to pack down the trails and clear away any fallen branches or tree limbs. “They spent hours early Saturday morning, until three o’clock,” she said. After organizers of the Snowmobile Ride for Autism finish reviewing results of the February 27 event, they will take a break before the start of planning for this year’s Summer Flotilla event in July. Donations are still welcome to the Snowmobile Ride for Autism through either ǁǁǁ͘ZŝĚĞƐĨŽƌƵƟƐŵ͘ĐĂ or else by phone to the Taylors at 613-371-4440.

Une halte le long de la piste lors de l’événement Snowmobile Ride for Autism de samedi à Prescott-Russell. — photo fournie


of the scavenger hunt challenge along the trails. Taylor noted that a few riders had to drop out because of mechanical problems or else had chosen to just complete part of the trail for their participation in the event. The February 27 event raised $11,620 from participant pledges and donations from local business sponsors and individuals. All the money will go to the Autism Ontario East Region to help support programs for residents in the region who have autism and also to help support research on autism. .PTUPGUIFSJEFSTJOUIFJOBVHVSBMFWFOU were from the Prescott-Russell region but there were also several participants from the 0UUBXBBSFBBOEBMTPGSPN.3$"SHFOUFVJM across the Ottawa River in Western Qu Δ bec, who had heard about the event through local media. “The feedback was incredibly fantastic,” said Taylor, adding that many participants enjoyed the scavenger hunt feature of the ride, a change of pace from the usual poker run snowmobile rallies.

“Everyone received a prize of some kind,” said Taylor. /JDPMF5BZMPS BGFMMPXDPPSBOJ[FSPGUIF

The trails were perfect, the riders were enthusiastic, and the organizers of the inaugural Snowmobile Ride for Autism are declaring the inaugual event a big success. “We’re ecstatic,” said Paul Taylor Sr., one of the event co-organizers, during a phone interview Sunday. “We were on target for what expected.” The February 26 event saw 50 riders head out for the trails at 9 a.m. from the starting point at the Place 1967 Restaurant in Plantagenet. The rally is part of the Rides for Autuism series of events launched by "4%1SFTDPUU3VTTFMM6OJUFEUIBU JODMVEFT last year’s ATV Ride for Autism event and the annual Summer Flotilla along the Ottawa River. Of the 50 riders who began, 41 finished returned to the finish at the restaurant in the afternoon, after completing the full length

Contribution pour le club l’Amicale Belle-Rive

(DU ZD[ RU KHDULQJ ORVV" 1HYHUΖJQRUHWKHVHV\PSWRPV bǹ̥ ɥɄɄʳ̓ ՁŒͣʳʳՁ ˧̥ ՁŸʳͣɪɪɄȳՁ ƛɴʇ˗ɪ̓ ̓˧ͣ˗ȳ ːͣɥɥʳɄȳ bǹ̥ ̛ǹʇ˗ ƀʇ˗ɪʇ˗ɪ ˧̥ ȠͣΩΩʇ˗ɪ %ORFDJH GH FLUH RX SHUWH DXGLWLYH" 1 LJQRUH]MDPDLVFHVV\PSW¶PHV ƍɄ˗̓ǹ͔ʇ˧˗ ȳɄ Ձ̛̥Ʉ̓̓ʇ˧˗Ձ ˧ͣ ՁȠʳ˧ȧǹɪɄՁ LJ˧ʇΑ Ʉ͔ ̓˧˗̓ ɄːȠ̥˧ͣʇʳʳɈ̓ W˧ͣʳɄ̥ͣ ǽ ʳՀ˧̥ɄʇʳʳɄ LʇʳʳɄːɄ˗͔̓ ˧ͣ Ƞ˧̥ͣȳ˧˗˗ɄːɄ˗͔̓ See our Registered audiologists, certified in current wax removal methods. Consultez nos audiologistes réglementées, certifiées pour l'extraction de la cire.

La Cité de Clarence-Rockland est fière de contribuer aux loisirs culturels de sa population, par l’entremise de son Programme d’appui financier pour les arts et la culture. Le club l’Amicale Belle-Rive a ainsi pu recevoir une contribution financière de 630$, qui l’aide à couvrir une certaine partie des frais de leur programme de danse en ligne à la salle communautaire de l’aréna Clarence Creek. Sur la photo, le maire Mario Zanth est en compagnie de Laurent Saumure, président du Club l’Amicale Belle-Rive, et de Claire Vézina, responsable de la danse en ligne. Les organismes pourront faire demande au Programme d’appui financier plus tard en février: The City of Clarence-Rockland is proud to contribute to the cultural pursuits of its population through its Arts and Culture Financial Assistance Program. The L’Amicale Belle-Rive Club received a financial contribution of $630 to help cover some of the costs of their line dancing program at the Clarence Creek Arena community hall. In the photo, Mayor Mario Zanth is with Laurent Saumure, president of Club l’Amicale Belle-Rive and Claire Vézina, responsible for the line dancing activity. Organizations will be able to apply to the Financial Assistance Program later in February:



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