2016 Band Shoppe Catalog


BASIC TRIM & BRAID STYLES Matches all colors of our 100% Polyester.


Soft Collar // Allows for a full range of movement Mylar Collar // Gives a clean, structured look Choose:

The styling and application of a collar is an important part of any garment because it serves as the frame for your face.

C-1 Plain

C-2 Piping or Soutache

C-3 Flat Braid

C-4 Striper Flat Braid

C-5 Double Piping

C-6 Trefoil Trim

C-23 Filled Trefoil Trim

C-18 Trim & Buttons

C-1 with Embroidery

C-7S Wrap Collar with Button


Functional // A MUST if using overlays, capes, or sashes Non-Functional // Epaulet is sewn down for a polished look Choose:

Epaulets may be omitted from most jackets, unless overlays, sashes or capes will be used by your band.

E-3 Flat Braid

E-1 Plain

E-2 Piping or Soutache

E-4 Striper Flat Braid

E-5 Double Piping

E-7 Three Buttons

E-6 Trefoil Trim

E-14 Tubular Trim and Piping

E-10 Plain Squared

E-11 Squared with Three Buttons


Adjustable Snap Hem // Allows for easy, no-sew sleeve hemming Standard Hem // Allows for a completely tailored look for each performer Choose:

Add style and visual interest to your uniform without the hassle or bulk of gauntlets.

S-1 Plain

S-2 Pointed with Piping

S-3 Pointed with Flat Braid

S-4 Pointed with Trefoil

S-6 Pointed with Piping and 1" Stripe

S-7 Squared with Piping

S-8 1" Stripe with Flat Braid

S-9 1" Stripe with Trefoil

S-11 Squared with Piping and 1" Stripe

S-14 1" Stripe with Trefoil and Piping


Soft Wing // Allows for a full range of movement Mylar Wing // Gives a clean, structured look Choose:

Canopies and Wings may be added to or omitted from most jackets.

CS-2 SQUARE CP-2 POINTED CL-2 SEAMLESS Canopy with Binding

CS-3 SQUARE CP-3 POINTED CL-3 SEAMLESS Canopy with Flat Braid

CS-4 SQUARE CP-4 POINTED CL-4 SEAMLESS Canopy with Striper Flat Braid

WS-1 Plain

WS-2 Binding

WS-3 Piping or Soutache

WS-4 Double Piping


Speak with your Sales Representative for more uniform customization options!


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