2016 Band Shoppe Catalog

CUSTOM SASHES Front Only // Keep a solid back design intact Front & Back // Always a traditional favorite Choose: *Be sure to indicate shoulder for sash

A sash is held secure by fastening to a button under the epaulet, and stays flat on the front with the help of hook and loop closures on the jacket's side.

IN452 1 Color Tapered Sash with Binding

IN464 Extended Straight Sash in 1 Color with Binding

IN460 2 Color Sash with Center Split and ⅜" Braid

IN474 Sash with Vertical Stripes and Flatbraid Trim

IN471 2-Color Sash with Vertical Trim, Stripes, and Rhinestones

IN454 2 Color Sash with Tapered Split

IN451 1 Color Sash with Binding

IN453 2 Color Sash with Diagonal Split and Binding

IN4000 4 Piece Sash with Binding

IN462 2 Color Tapered Sash with Inset, Flat Braid, and Soutache

CUSTOM GAUNTLETS Shape // Pointed or rounded Buttons // With or without Choose:

Add a quick and easy update to an existing uniform or a finishing touch to your brand new look.

IN580 Gauntlet with 3 Buttons

IN583 Gauntlet with Wide End Stripe and ⅜ " Flat Braid

IN5500 Gauntlet with 3 Stripes, Trim and 3 buttons

IN586 2 Color Gauntlet

IN5511 Gauntlet with Trefoil Trim

IN5601 Pointed Gauntlet with 3 Buttons

IN5615 Pointed gauntlet with contrast fin and piping along elbow edge

IN5602 Pointed Gauntlet with edging along the top with trim and 2 Buttons

IN5613 1” seamed in fabric stripes along sides and top edge

IN5607 Pointed Gauntlet with 2 Stripes, Trim and 2 Buttons

Speak with your Sales Representative for more uniform customization options!


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