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MAY 2020

Several years ago, when my oldest daughter was 1 1/2 years old, she was running through the house, tripped, and broke one of the bones in her leg. Aside from our obvious parental worry for our toddler, the injury resulted in another problem for our family: childcare. The day care she was attending at the time was not set up to take kids with that kind of injury. So for a month and a half, I stayed home with my oldest in the mornings until my mother-in-law could take over around 1 p.m. If you’ve ever spent time with a toddler who is used to running around all the time and suddenly can’t anymore, let me tell you — Disney was our salvation. This happened right around the time “Frozen” came out, so every morning for around six to eight weeks, that was our routine. My daughter would watch “Frozen”usually in the background while we were playing with stationary toys. As soon as her cast came off and things went back to normal, my oldest wasn’t as interested in “Frozen” anymore. During her recovery, we had gotten a few dolls and other “Frozen” merch, and those were around when my second daughter was born. Even though my youngest has only seen the movie once or twice, she’ll still tell you “Frozen” is her favorite movie. It’s funny; my daughters are so

similar, but so different. While they agree about “Frozen,” my older daughter likes Elsa, but my youngest likes Anna. In fact, my youngest is so totally into Anna that she has a baby Anna doll, and she can’t sleep without it. When my wife and I got married, I didn’t even know the difference between Snow White and the Sleeping Beauty, but these days, my daughters own just about every single Disney princess movie ever made. They go all the way back to classics like “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” and “The Little Mermaid,” and if I’m being honest, I know the words to at least one theme song from each of those movies. My girls and I belt their theme songs out in the car together. Recently, we’ve been singing the new live- action Jasmine song, “Speechless.” Up until the new “Aladdin” release, Jasmine was the only Disney princess who didn’t have a theme song, but now that she does, it has a nice message about female empowerment. I don’t know that my

girls care too much about the message, though. They just like the song.

As a parent, I’ll take it. There are so many new movies targeting kids these days, but when you actually watch some of them, they are totally inappropriate for a young audience. With Disney, my wife and I know we can pretty much count on it being wholesome. A lot has changed since Hans Christen Anderson wrote “The Princess and the Pea,” “The Snow Queen,” and other classics. But one thing remains the same: Kids, or at least my kids, like stories with princesses and magic in them. They like movies with catchy theme songs, and as long as they keep my girls innocent and happy, I’m happy to sing along with them.

–Kyle Matthews 1 (248) 543-0340


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