E-Rehab - May 2019

Facebook is often regarded as one of the companies that helped create our new digital world. So, it was quite strange to see them apologize for data misuse in a massive print-advertising campaign. After Cambridge Analytica, one of Facebook’s subcontractors, was found to have misused data, the tech giant took out full-page newspaper ads to apologize. That they would do so in this manner, rather than via their own massive, social media platform, speaks to the power of print media. Ed Newman, a retired ad man and writer for Medium, notes that print media offers some distinct advantages over its digital counterpart when it comes to marketing. “What continues to make print ads valuable is the (nearly) undivided attention that readers give to magazine and newspaper content, rather than multitasking like they do when consuming digital content,” he writes. That is not to say that digital marketing is without value, simply that a more diverse marketing mix can benefit businesses of all kinds. Think about your mailbox now compared to a decade or two ago. In the past, you may have been inundated with junk mail, causing you to rifle through your mail quickly to separate the wheat from the chaff. In 2019, by contrast, you may receive a circular or two, but the vast majority of your mail is something you will actively open and spend time with. In other words, most of the junk has migrated online. That presents an opportunity to get somebody’s attention via a piece of good, old-fashioned mail. A print newsletter is a great medium for delivering value and information to your patients. It allows you to create regular contact, share details about your practice, and differentiate yourself from other, more anonymous practices. A newsletter also has exceptional pass-around value. If somebody you mail to has a friend in need of physical therapy, they can pass the newsletter along as an introduction. It’s a tangible object that burnishes your reputation and increases brand awareness. When this print marketing dovetails with your digital presence, you have a deadly effective combination. Your print marketing should draw readers to your digital presence and bolster your practice’s image in their minds. Synergizing your marketing efforts across multiple media allows you to increase your ROI on each of them. Don’t believe us? Well, if you’ve made it to the end of this article, you’ve already proven that print media gets attention. It’s a great way to communicate in a detailed, personal way. Isn’t that how you want to speak to your patients? THE VALUE OF PRINT MEDIA IN MARKETING

THE GOOD KIND OF GOSSIP How to Cultivate Valuable Customer Reviews When you’re thinking about buying a new product or service, what’s the first step you take? If you turn to the World Wide Web in search of reviews, then you’re in good company. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 85 percent of consumers regard the customer review to be the single most credible and trustworthy source of advertising. That same survey found that 68 percent of customers surveyed were willing to provide feedback for the company. So, how do you get your customers to write the glowing reviews that help close deals? 1. ACTIVELY BUILD YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION Don’t rely on patients to go to your website to leave reviews. When it comes to patients, they are both busy and lazy. It’s not enough just to ask. You have to provide them with a frictionless process to leave ratings and reviews. Considering the facts about the value of ratings and reviews, it’s important for all practice owners to implement an active policy, system, and ongoing management of their online reputation. Check your website analytics. Google is where a majority of your patients first see your name. Second, patients go directly to your website. Therefore, it’s critical for you to focus your energy on capturing Google reviews first and then ratings and reviews for your website second. BrightLocal found that Facebook and Yelp are consumers’ most trusted sources of user reviews, so these two are great opportunities, as well. Most importantly, be sure you are active on all the platforms you use. 2. OFFER INCENTIVES … TO YOUR STAFF Give your clients a reason to write reviews by simply asking. While it may seem like a good idea to offer your patients some sort of incentive, it’s illegal in some states to pay for reviews. The good news is that most patients are more than happy to provide you with a rating and review. 3. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS Think of the review process as a conversation rather than a request to be met. On day one, have your receptionist ask the question, “If care goes as planned and we’ve earned a review, would you leave one for us, please?” Then at or near discharge, after the patient has said thank you, say, “The best way you can thank us is to write that quick review. Can you grab your smartphone, please?” Then simply have them visit your E-Rehab.com website and click on the “Review Us” button. 4. RESPOND, RESPOND, RESPOND The last thing you want to see is a scathing one-star review. But no matter how hard you work, they are still bound to happen. When you receive one, take the time to respond thoughtfully — without being defensive — and try to come up with a possible solution to the complaint. Be sure to respond to your positive reviews, as well. You can download our guide at https://l.ptclinic.com/2vbbxTi.

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