Discover Cheatham County 2021 visitors guide

BE SAFE ONTHETRAIL. By Lori Ray, M.D. - Regents Medical Center Cheatham County is full of beautiful trails and walkways. I remember as a child spending Easters at Cheatham Dam soaking up the sun and water. Now there are many more options in our county for walking and enjoying the outdoors and I encourage you to try them all...but be prepared! BLISTERS are caused by friction between your skin and socks and/or footwear that don’t fit well. Make sure your socks and shoes aren’t slipping up and down your feet when you walk and keep your feet dry. If you get a blister and it’s painful, drain it with a sterile needle, allow the roof of the blister to stay as a cover and bandage it. SPRAINS happen most commonly to the ankle while walking. Good hiking boots with sturdy ankle support will help prevent an ankle sprain. Also, try to stay as much as possible on even ground and use a hiking pole. To treat an ankle sprain follow the RICE protocol: REST immediately, ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATION above the heart. CUTS happen commonly from branches and bushes. Treat with antiseptic and bandage. DEHYDRATION prevention and treatment is simple: take and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated also helps prevent muscle cramps. SUNBURN can be prevented with sunblock, a sun hat or cap, and sun protective clothing. Sunburn contributes to skin cancer, cataracts, and the dreaded wrinkle not to mention a bad sunburn can ruin a beautiful day. Treat by applying a cool cloth or ice pack. Aloe vera or other after sun remedies can be applied.


Jackson Webb Nature Trail 2.33 miles with an additional .5 mile paved walking track attached. Pet friendly, must remain on leash. Easy course. 2500 Pleasant View Rd., Pleasant View, TN 37146

Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail

a 13.3 miles out and back trail located in Ashland City. Good for all skill levels and biking. The trail is accessible year-round. Pet friendly, must remain on leash. Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail, Ashland City, TN 37015 John C. Preacher Poole 2 mile tract with a connector to the Riverbluff Park. It is a beautiful, flat, paved track that is handicap accessible. Dog are not allowed. 100 Preacher Lane, Ashland City, TN 37015 The Challenge Trail 1 mile loop with 10 exercise stations throughout the course. It can be challenging due to the steep incline and decline of the path. It runs along the beautiful Harpeth River. Pet friendly, must remain on leash. 1160 Street Rd., Kingston Springs, TN 37082 Narrows of the Harpeth a 1.1 miles out and back trail located in Kingston Springs. It is good for all skill levels. The trail is an ideal spot for hiking, walking, and canoeing and is accessible year-round. Pet friendly, must remain on leash. 1254 Narrows of the Harpeth Rd., Kingston Springs, TN 37082

First Aid items to add to your Kit for the Car: Bandages Chemical Ice Pack Elastic Bandage/ACE wrap Antiseptic Sunblock of at least 25 SPF Water Tourniquet

Happy and Safe Trails to You! Lori Ray, M.D. - Regents Medical Center, P.C.


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