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When JonDecious and SteevieSteeves met for the first time in 2010 at a re- nowned songwriting retreat, Horse & Writer Retreat in Wyoming, the two did not realize they lived just a few miles apart from each other in Nashville.  They formed a special bond that would set the stage for their future, both per- sonally and professionally. Upon reuniting back in Nashville after the experience of a lifetime, the eager pair began attending songwriter nights as two aspiring artists sharing a cre- ative outlet. Their bond and unified tal- ent became very clear to each of them, as well as to their listeners, and they began acquiring a fan base as a duo. Like their chance meeting, their sound, material, and even their name came about organically. Initially calling themselves the Devious Angels, they grew into Towne , as it accurately de- scribes the type of music they gener- ate together — not quite country, and not quite city, but somewhere in the middle.

Pictured in the photo above from left to right: Steevie Steeves, Luck Marshall and Jon Decious. Article provided by Editor in Chief Amy Hill of the Pleasant View Post Newspaper. He eventually decided to leave the rocker life behind and head in an- other direction. Decious proud- ly returned to his roots of coun- try music, Pleasant View, and the ever-popular Nashville music scene. “I love everything about Cheatham County,” Decious said. “After liv- ing all over the United States, it’s the only place that always felt like home. Whether it’s taking a run on the Bicen- tennial Trail, floating down the Harpeth, the tobacco barns smoking in the fall, or the people waving as you pass by — what’s not to love? It’s my kinda place.” Plan Your Visit

Their debut EP (extended play record), released in late spring of 2019, con- tains a collection of intimate tracks that fit the vibe they are chasing as they gain momentum int he industry. The songs are comfortable, meaningful, and “harmonious and hormonal,” ac- cording to Steeves. The songs from the EP, and others, can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, and on stage at variety of local venues like the Bluebird Cafe, summer festivals across the country, and even small, private events. Cheatham County Connection Jon Decious was born in Kentucky, but moved to Pleasant View with his family in eighth grade. He was a mem- ber of Sycamore High School’s first graduating class and was also on the Sycamore War Eagle baseball team. When he was just 18, his rock band, The Pink Spiders, hit it big and he spent the better part of a decade making music and touring around the world.


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