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2020 is a leap year, which means that on Feb. 29, we are graced with an additional 24 hours. That’s an extra 1,440 minutes out of nowhere. We should celebrate that even more because this year, Feb. 29 is on a Saturday. It’s a good time of year to slow down and focus on whether or not you are where you’d like to be with your work, your relationships, and your business. February is also the month of my son Riley’s half birthday, which we always celebrate because his real birthday is Aug. 14, right before school starts back up. I delivered Riley naturally with no pain meds even though my doctor said I couldn’t do it. Giving birth naturally to Riley was originally off the table because, after 47 hours of labor, I had a cesarean section with my first born. When you deliver a baby by C-section, they cut your uterus and it becomes weaker. If you try to give birth naturally in the future, it becomes more dangerous. Even still, without an epidural, I was able to deliver Riley — a bigger baby — naturally with no pain medication. If we just commit ourselves, our minds can power us through anything, not just the big things like giving birth to a child or running an ultramarathon (I have a girlfriend who runs those, and she says it’s all mental), but the little things, too. Sometimes when I’m riding my Peloton, I tell myself, “If you pedal your hardest for 30 seconds, you’re not going to die . ” And then I dig deep and pedal hard, and I’m stronger because of it. The thing about childbirth is that it’s fleeting. The pain makes you lose your mind, no doubt about it. But you can tell yourself, “Just make it through this next contraction.” And then your body takes over and does what it’s been doing for 2,000-plus years. Your job during childbirth is to trust that your body knows how to get the job done and to get out of its way. After I was able to deliver Riley without pain medication, naturally, and against the odds, I felt like I could do anything. If I could accomplish that, what can’t I accomplish? If my girlfriend can run 50 miles because of her mental strength, where are her limits? That’s the power of the mind.

and doing the things that give you the feeling of limitlessness, accomplishment, and strength that pushing through the pain of adversity gives me — whether that means giving birth without pain medicine, running 50 miles, or digging deep in your interval workout. –Kim Keheley Frye

I plan to spend the extra 1,440 minutes I’ll get this February with my loved ones. Whatever you are doing, I hope you are tapping into the power of your mind

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