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When my son was growing up, it was a blast to try and imbue the holidays with the same kind of magic I felt as a kid. We maintained as many of the old traditions as we could, including the lasagna my mom used to make. These days, my son’s grown up, but he still makes sure to be around Christmas Day. Sometimes, my wife’s sister makes the trip down with her family as well. Any opportunity to catch up with family is a welcome event. The Christmas season is always an incredibly busy time around the office, with everybody making emergency calls to get their heating system back up and running. I have to leave Christmas shopping to my wife. My only duty is to make sure I find something nice for her at some point. “I WAS ALWAYS HAPPY TO HELP OUT THE FAMILIES WHO DIDN’T WANT TO FREEZE THEIR VISITING RELATIVES ON THE EVE OF THE BIG DAY, BUT AS YOU CAN IMAGINE, IT TOOK A LOT OF WILLPOWER TO DRAG MYSELF AWAY FROM THE FESTIVITIES.” Back when I was starting out, it seemed the calls would never stop. But I didn’t complain. I did everything I could to make time for my customers. I remember getting those late-night Christmas Eve calls. I was always happy to help out the families who didn’t want to freeze their visiting relatives on the eve of the big day, but as you can imagine, it took a lot of willpower to drag myself away from the festivities. I look forward to Christmas more than any other holiday. As the business quiets down on Christmas Day, I get a rare chance to really sit down and relax with my family, completely free of worry.

everybody remembers Christmas Eve as a little kid, buzzing

with anticipation to discover what Santa would bring.

After eating our annual Christmas Eve lasagna and attending church

services, I’d tuck myself into bed and stare at the ceiling for what felt like hours, believing that I would probably never fall asleep ever again. Inevitably, though,

fatigue would get the better of me, and I’d drift off without warning. When I would wake

up, always ridiculously early, there was a brief moment of grogginess before I snapped to the realization that somehow, yes, this was the day that I’d been waiting for.

Christmas wasn’t a huge operation in my family, but that wasn’t how it felt at the time. When you’re a kid, the significance of every event is magnified. Each present is a mystery waiting to be unwrapped, and small holiday rituals are vitally important to the success of the day. Oftentimes, we’d either head to my grandparents’ place on Christmas Day, or they’d make their way to ours. Obviously, I loved the gifts, but looking back, those moments you spend with family matter most, even if you didn’t realize it at the time.

–Jim Serra

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